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Book Announcement: Smart Pop Explains

Have you ever wanted to share your fandom with a new friend or partner but didn’t know where to start? Or have you wished there was an easy entry point to a long-running and complicated franchise that you think you would enjoy? Then we have a new series announcement just for you: the Smart Pop Explains series!

Coming July 5, the Smart Pop Explains series is for anyone who wants to understand what everyone’s talking about. Unlike lots of pop culture encyclopedias and guides offer detailed deep dives to die-hard fans, Smart Pop Explains offers everyone—especially new fans—an easy, entertaining, and unique onramp into today’s most popular films, shows, books, and games.

The first two titles in the series, on the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Harry Potter, are filled with over 200 questions, sidebars, and tangents that provide a unique and welcoming perspective to the beloved franchises. They’re the perfect and unauthorized resource to keep on hand when watching or reading something for the first—or tenth—time.

Pre-Order Your Copies

The first two Smart Pop Explains installments are now available for pre-order wherever books are sold, including from the following vendors:

What franchise would you like explained?

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