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Book cover for The Con-a-Sutra: An Adult Guide to Full-Frontal Nerdity

The Con-a-Sutra

An Adult Guide to Full-Frontal Nerdity

Written by Professor Balls Xxxavier

Illustrated by J.K. Woodward

For everyone who’s a geek in the streets, a freak in the (Star Wars) sheets—or wants to be—comes a guide for nerds, by nerds.

Today’s nerds are loud, proud . . . and thirsty. They’ve stepped away from their action figure collections and toward the infinitely diverse collection of like-minded folk who are as turned on by cosplay as they are by foreplay.

But as knowledgeable as they are, nerds aren’t always experts when it comes to the logistics of sex. Enter The Con-a-Sutra: A Guide to Full Frontal Nerdity. This book is much more than The Idiot’s Guide to Mensa Sex and light years ahead of a collection of IKEA “put tab Blaarf into slot Numdoggal” instruction sheets.

Accompanied by classic comic book inspired art, noted fictional sexpert Professor Balls Xxxavier literally and figuratively illustrates the modern nerd’s wildest fantasies through a series of hilarious (if occasionally unachievable) sexual positions. Written to be inclusive of LGBTQ nerds, The Con-a-Sutra recognizes that nerds come in all body types, gender identities, and sexual orientations. Whether you prefer “The Splash Page,” “Wookiee Nookiee,” or “The Wayne Manner,” there is something here for everyone—even if only a hysterical and reference-packed break from your favorite smutty fanfic.

From viral fan artists to passionate gamers, and from talented cosplayers to bookworms with overflowing comic collections, nerds are found in every demographic of modern society, making this the perfect gift for your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, brother, sister, office-mate, nerd-in-law, or any of the millions of people who proudly belong to a pop culture fandom.

A comical compendium of con-friendly coitus, The Con-a-Sutra lets you boldly go where no nerd has gone before.

It’s always been easy for J.K. Woodward to flex his artistic muscles, but he may have pulled a muscle or two with these positions! The Con-a-Sutra is f*cking hilarious and a must for post-con hookups or to enjoy on a post-binge night at home.”
—Erica Schultz, bestselling author of the Xena: Warrior Princess, Charmed, and Legacy of Mandrake comic books

About the Author

Professor Balls Xxxavier is a super sexpert and tenured faculty member of several fictional universities. He lives and works in a hidden lair accessed by rubbing a bust of Masters and Johnson.

About the Illustrator

J. K. Woodward is a lifelong comic book fan who started his professional comics career in 2003. He is best known for his work on IDW’s Star Trek comics like “Mirror Broken” and Harlan Ellison’s “The City on the Edge of Forever.” He has also worked with other comic producers including Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, BOOM!, and Image Comics, as well as other companies and individuals for specialized commissions.

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Publication Details

Title: The Con-a-Sutra

Subtitle: An Adult Guide to Full-Frontal Nerdity

author: Professor Balls Xxxavier

illustrator: J.K. Woodward

Publication Date: June 29, 2021

Publisher: Smart Pop, an imprint of BenBella Books, Inc.

Price: $19.95 US

Format: Hardcover

Page Count: 112

ISBN: 9781950665938