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Unraveling the Mysteries of The Big Bang Theory book cover

Unraveling the Mysteries of The Big Bang Theory

An Unabashedly Unauthorized TV Show Companion

Written by George Beahm

A revised, updated, and expanded edition of Unraveling the Mysteries of The Big Bang Theory!

The Big Bang Theory – CBS’s surprise hit sitcom – was recently renewed through 2017 after pulling in 19 million weekly viewers in its most recent season. Any fan who tunes in week to week wasn’t surprised. The quirky show does what so few shows manage to do: straddle the fence between cult hit and mega-popular award-winner.

Now, longtime science fiction fan and New York Times bestselling author George Beahm has put together a guide with photographs for all fans of the show – mainstream tv viewers, science fiction and comics fans, and science enthusiasts alike. Whether you’re a Penny or a Sheldon, whether you’ve just tuned in or been watching all along, this companion book will help you appreciate The Big Bang Theory to the fullest.

Unraveling the Mysteries offers a full, comprehensive look at the series: from an analysis of the awful original pilot (that viewers may never get to see) to a tour of the real Cal Tech (which serves as one of the show’s main settings), from a fandom terminology guide to enlightening analyses of the endearingly original main characters, all the show’s quirkiest and most appealing elements are put under the microscope.

This updated edition includes a focus on the show’s female characters in addition to bringing the content up to date through the show’s seventh season.

About the Author

George Beahm is a full-time non-fiction writer who specializes in business books and popular culture. He is a New York TimesPublishers WeeklyLA Times, and USA Today bestselling writer, and his books have been published in over 20 countries worldwide and in every major language. His website is at

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Publication Details

Title: Unraveling the Mysteries of The Big Bang Theory

Subtitle: An Unabashedly Unauthorized TV Show Companion

author: George Beahm

Publication Date: November 25, 2014

Publisher: Smart Pop, an imprint of BenBella Books, Inc.

Price: $14.95 US

Format: Hardcover

Page Count: 256

ISBN: 9781941631133