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things we loved this week

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Things We Loved This Week #3

In this week’s Things We Loved This Week we share (spoiler alert)…the things we loved! Read on for our pop culture recommendations.

Preview of a Bob Ross documentary. We can’t wait for Netflix’s new documentary about the beloved painter and man behind the meme. Bring on the happy little trees!

Voting for the Best Hollywood Chris. Nerdist’s Oscar Week nominations put our decision making skills to the test. How do you choose just one Chris to rule them all? (P.S. We’re a little preoccupied with Chrises.)

Remembering Wolverine creator Len Wein. We were sad to hear about the recent passing of Len Wein, the man who created Wolverine. Chris Claremont, his former collaborator and friend, gave a heartwarming interview about him with The Hollywood Reporter. “Len was among the best of his generation—our generation. His great good fortune was that he got to ply his craft not only at Marvel, but also at DC. He got to define not only the Marvel part of the equation, but the DC half as well.”

News that New York Comic Con is returning. And in person, no less! There will be limited attendance, and mask and social distancing mandates. We’d love to hear if you’re planning on busting out your costumes in preparation.

Anthony and Carmela get vaccinated. We’ll let this article on reckoning with the pandemic through pop culture speak for itself: “What does The Sopranos tell you, if not that there are things we cannot recognize, not straight on, because if we allowed them into our lives they would short the fuses, blow out all the delicate mazy wiring we need to conduct ourselves from one ailing day into the next? I don’t know how to begin taking the measure of a year—an entire year—of illness, fear, abandonment, isolation, and death. I don’t know how to begin to reckon with the alternating numbness and rage and panic, or with the long dark months occupied by nothing so much as a clenched paralytic dread. I do know this, though: getting into some companionable relation to it all will be long and roiling work, and it will put to rout even the deftest attempts at evasion . . . So if, along the way, you find some song or story that helps you to do so, or that allows you to address all that’s happened with some saving measure of proportion or equability, then with Anthony John Soprano I say unto you: god’bless.”

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