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Things We Loved This Week #5

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Things We Loved This Week #5

In this week’s Things We Loved This Week we share (spoiler alert)…the things we loved! Read on for our pop culture recommendations including giveaways, a Mare of Easttown think piece, and a Ghostbusters Twinkie recipe.

Loki finally premiered on Disney+! We’ve been eagerly awaiting Tom Hiddleston’s regular presence in our living rooms and its good to finally see him.

There’s something strange…in these Twinkies. We observed Ghostbusters Day earlier this week (the film premiered 37 years ago on June 8) with a Slimer-approved treat. The brilliant Jenn Fujikawa created a green slime filled Twinkie recipe for Food & Wine, which we’ll be bookmarking to celebrate the Ghostbusters: Afterlife premiere later this fall.

Thinking about Mare of Easttown. [LINK CONTAINS SPILERS] We haven’t been able to get Kate Winslett’s Mare out of our heads, and we loved this Los Angeles Review of Books think piece on the show: “In the end, Mare of Easttown turned out to be a cop show. A strange cop show, always almost thinking unthinkable things about what cops are for and might be, but a cop show all the same.”

The Con-a-Sutra Goodreads Giveaway. To mark the launch of The Con-a-Sutra later this month, we’re giving away 15 copies on Goodreads! If you enter, don’t forget to add the book to your to-read shelf. And while we’re on the topic of giveaways, we’re also giving away an original piece of art created for the book.

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