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Things We Loved This Week #8

In this week’s Things We Loved This Week we share (spoiler alert)…the things we loved! Read on for our pop culture recommendations including The Matrix 4 trailer, an interview with Art Spiegelman, and the latest geek news with J.K. Woodward and Fanbase Press.

This week in geek. Tune into Fanbase Weekly‘s discussion of recent geeky headlines, featuring The Con-a-Sutra‘s J.K. Woodward!

Why it’s so difficult to turn books into movies. We are almost always of the opinion that the book is better than the movie, but that may be for good reason: turning books into movies is really tricky! The latest episode of the A.V. Club’s Film Club digs into the challenges that come with movie adaptations and it’s a fascinating listen.

A new interview with Art Spiegelman. Comic legend and Maus creator talks about his latest illustration project, COVID lockdown, and some of his most (accidentally) controversial magazine covers.

The future of conventions and fan events. As the number of online fan events rises as a result of the pandemic, the Hollywood Reporter asks: “are in-house virtual events going to take the place of live third-party fan events like Comic-Con, just as streaming services are increasingly taking eyeballs away from linear TV and movie theaters?”

The Matrix 4 trailer. We’re already counting down the days until the film premieres! In the meantime, Den of Geek’s breakdown of the trailer gave us a lot to think about.

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