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It's the Smart Pop Blog!

News, excerpts, Q&As, pop culture recs, and more.

Spring TV and Films + Books

Our idea of a well-rounded life includes a solid mix of TV, films, and books. Alternate your pop culture viewing and reading with this handy pairing guide featuring your favorite fandoms! Watch: The Batman Read: Batman Unauthorized The latest spin on Batman, featuring Robert Pattinson as the caped-crusader, is in theaters now, and after we hit… Read more Spring TV and Films + Books

Seven Seasons of Buffy cover

Smart Pop Classics: Love Saves the World

In the Smart Pop Classics series, we share greatest hits from our throwback essay collections. In “Love Saves the World” from Seven Seasons of Buffy, Jean Lorrah argues that the love shared by Buffy, Xander, Willow, and Giles is real and lasting, and constitutes a family more stable and loving than most blood families. And… Read more Smart Pop Classics: Love Saves the World

Smart Pop Explains covers

Book Announcement: Smart Pop Explains

Have you ever wanted to share your fandom with a new friend or partner but didn’t know where to start? Or have you wished there was an easy entry point to a long-running and complicated franchise that you think you would enjoy? Then we have a new series announcement just for you: the Smart Pop… Read more Book Announcement: Smart Pop Explains