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Things We Loved This Week #9

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Things We Loved This Week #9

In this week’s Things We Loved This Week we share (spoiler alert)…the things we loved! Read on for our pop culture recommendations including a new Hollywood Chris coloring book, reflections on Stephen King and Star Trek, and a can’t-miss conversation about Bob Ross and Christmas.

Our latest book, which came out this week! I’m Dreaming of a Chris for Christmas is an adult coloring and activity book featuring the most notable celebrities named Chris, and in our entirely biased opinion, it’s the perfect holiday gift or stocking stuffer. To celebrate the release we’re giving away 20 copies on Goodreads, and we also posted a fun coloring book trailer to kickstart the holiday spirit. Enter the giveaway. | Watch the trailer.

Why Star Trek is the greatest franchise of all, and how it’s stood the test of time. A new take on the Star Trek vs. Star Wars debate, this piece in the LA Times explores how Star Trek has achieved such longevity. As of right now, it’s been around for 55 years!

Eternals. At least, we’re pretty sure we’re going to love it! We can’t wait to hit the theater this weekend.

Why every generation rediscovers Stephen King. He’s the master of horror for a reason! A good read in the midst of the current King media revival.

A Bob Ross’ Happy Little Night Before Christmas Happy Little Conversation. If you love Bob Ross, we think you’ll also love this conversation with Bob Ross’ Happy Little Night Before Christmas author Robb Pearlman. The conversation ranges from why Bob has stood the test of time to how Robb first discovered The Joy of Painting. Thanks to the terrific folks at Book Passage for hosting us!

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